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LED Throwies 

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LED Throwies 

Written By: Graffiti Research Lab 


• LED(1) 

20 cents each from HB Electronic Components ( 


One roll will make many throwies. 

Batteries (1) 

25 cents each from 

Disc magnet (1) 

25 count for about $15 from Amazing Magnets ( 

Epoxy (1) 

Weather-resistant alternative to tape. Available from Newark InOne ( 


Make and toss a bunch of these inexpensive little lights to add color to any ferromagnetic 
surface in your neighborhood. 

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LED Throwies 

Step 1 — Test the LED. 

• Pinch the LED's leads to the 
battery terminals, with the longer 
lead (the anode) touching the 
positive terminal (+) of the battery, 
and the shorter lead (the cathode) 
touching negative (-). 

• Confirm that the LED lights up. 

• Tape the LED leads to the battery 
by cutting off a 7" piece of 
strapping tape and wrapping it once 
around both sides of the battery. 
Keep the tape very tight as you 
wrap. The LED should not flicker. 

• Place the magnet on the positive 
terminal of the battery, and 
continue to wrap the tape tightly 
until it's all done. The magnet 
should hold firmly to the battery. 

• The battery's positive 
contact surface extends 
around the sides of the battery. 
Don't let the LED's cathode touch 
the positive terminal, or you'll short 
the circuit. 

• That's it — you're ready to throw 
(or make a few dozen more). 
Throw it up high and in quantity to 
impress your friends and city 


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LED Throwies 

Step 2 


• A throwie will shine for about 1-2 
weeks, depending on the weather 
and the LED color. To get one off a 
ferro-magnetic surface, don't pull it, 
or it may come apart. Instead, 
apply a lateral force to the magnet 
base, and slide it off the surface 
while lifting it with a fingernail or 

• Throwies naturally chain together in 
your pocket, making multi- 
segmented throwie bugs, which will 
also stick to metal surfaces if they 
aren't too long. 

This project originally appeared in MAKE Volume 6 . page 116. 

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